More Bunny

I opened the door to my final client last night to find Sam, my neighbordyke, standing on the sidewalk.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt,” she called, “but just real quick is it OK to put some carrots in your yard?” I must have had an expression because she added “You have a GREAT BIG bunny! And we bought a whole Costco size bag of carrots and I want to give him one because I see him every morning when I walk by the corner.”

“Damn right he’s big,” said my client, “he was in the driveway when I pulled up. Wasn’t too concerned about moving either.”

There is probably some local law about leaving foodstuffs out, if I bothered to look it up, but I think the ecosphere can handle an occasional carot without drawing rats; there’s David’s garden here already, after all. I told her to knock herself out.

I am not sure how crazy bunny rabbits are about carrots really; it may just be a trope. I suppose I’ll find out. Judging by the size of the buck bunny, not to mention his atypically imperturbable demeanor, he’s dining pretty well already.




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