Down The Road A Piece

From the local news:

On April 18 at 8:55 p.m., a victim reported that an individual pulled a machete on him at Doctor’s Run Park after the victim confronted him following being bitten by the suspect’s chihuahua dog.

The suspect fled the scene after the incident.

The suspect is described as an Hispanic male, 40 years old, 5’5”, 150 pounds.

I run through that friggin park regularly, at least when my leg is up to running, in fact I use the kiddie gym there to do pullups and god help the kiddle who gets in my way.

I think I’d give a wide berth to the machete.


Nothing is safe.


7 thoughts on “Down The Road A Piece

      • Exactly. Little razor teeth and a big damn attitude. Been bitten three times: German shepherd (my fault), Rottweiler (owner’s fault, but the dog didn’t break the skin so it was more of a warning), and a fucking Chihuahua – entirely the shit being a…shit.

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