First Bunny!!!

Now it is truly Spring in the Tidewater.


The little fellow was closer to the window when I spotted him (?), but this is rather the best shot that I got. By the time I got the windage he was right spang in the middle of the thyme bed.

People debate like crazy why it is that rabbits have become identified with Easter and April. Only an academic who never looks out the window would sweat ink over that.


They drive my gardener daft (and yes, David is back, but about that later). I love them. We both belong to an older world, and fear, as C. S. Lewis did, “a Ministry gassing the little holes in which we dwell.”

Thrive, little guy.



7 thoughts on “First Bunny!!!

  1. This entire post is fascinating. The Poetry Soup web site, the Norse Mythology clues (hare clip etc.) and this Irish guy, C.S. Lewis, whose connection with Stapledon and Tolkien I was well aware of, but didn’t grab yet the sheer scope of his work.

    Gratias tibi ago Germanica Domna

    Manius Lentulus

    • Ah, if you don’t know Lewis, you’re in for a treat. The most inadequately suppressed Pagan in all of Christian history, revered as an apologist by constipated American Evangelicals (especially parents searching for didactic fiction for their kids) who probably don’t understand his fiction (he may not have entirely done so himself) and concentrate on his frantically defensive essays on Christian belief. He was one of those Paul of Tarsus converts. You know how they get, all struck by the lightning bolt. His Pagan heart would not rest quietly, so his children’s stories are full of fauns and centaurs and ghosts and werewolves, and animals that talk, and a Witch that is supposed to be the baddest evil thing in the world except for the glee with which he portrays her brief escape from her own world into Victorian London… His adult science-fiction novels culminate in things like the descent of Venus to Earth (elephants mate in the garden). Short stories, poems, novels, all graceful and witty, but I never bother with the essays these days.

      The Maddy Prior song I first heard on the BBC when I was in London in 1998; they were running a programme about the ubiquitous hare.

  2. PostPostScr
    Feature request if possible. We (the whole bunch blah blah) preferred the other blog head picture of your bare shoulders, although, now that we think of it, you having inserted this one back there must be reasons we cannot fathom.

    • I never actually changed it out, I just published a more recent one for amusement in the comparison (old girl still has it). The new one was hard to crop in the size WordPress wants. Are you seeing a sepia back and shoulder photo?

  3. Oh, I almost left out Lewis’ mainstream academic work. The Discarded Image was practically the signpost to my undergraduate agenda in college — you could call it a robust love letter to the Neoplatonic worldview. That old world that haunts me, even though I know it was full of plague and ignorance and superstition.

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