The Serbian Executioner

Over at my new gym there is a trainer named Jay, which is probably appease-the-Yanks for something like Jaroslav or Javor since he is from Serbia and speaks with a lilting, musical accent. He spends most of his time putting thirtysomething males with athletic builds through fairly grueling workouts, the most notable of which involves a truck tire. I used to see this tire thing on the World’s Strongest Man competition and it ate into my imagination. Yes, you can look up a how-to on the Net.

Fortunately, the tire at Gold’s is a pretty modest sized starter tire that belongs on maybe a Ford F-450 at most.  I got my hands under it the other day just to gauge the weight. I need a little more time to bring my left leg up to speed but I reckon I can do this thing.

So when the Serbian Executioner took a break from coaxing a neighborhood-league basketball player through plyometrics to grin at me and ask how I was liking my workouts (I was slinging some luscious kettlebell at the time) I told him I had bought into five training sessions — I never paid trainers in my life before, but there are too many new toys there and I want to learn them all tomorrow. “For my last I want you to torture me with the tire,” I said.

He looked at me like I had two heads. I suspect not many bespectacled ladies approaching the age of sixty present him with this request.

I explained what I usually squat. He smiled, a little evilly. “Okay,” he said, “you can do my drill.”

I want to work through more kettlebell and the weighted balls and some mixed leg routines first, but now there is a Grail glimmering in the distance.  A big black rubber Grail with a ruthless Eastern-European strength guru attached to it. I will try to arrange video.


4 thoughts on “The Serbian Executioner

  1. Does his routine look anything like the video you linked to? Because I can’t imagine that would work with a tire that you can’t set your chin on without lying down.
    You know I don’t work out in a gym, but I do get rather creative when I need to get a large, awkward box 18 feet off the ground on to a shelf. Knees, chin, head, neck… Yep, use them all! Still trying to spare the back as it has decided to be unhappy again. Well, not the back so much but the never damage on my leg now feels like someone occasionally puts a hot match head on it. Sigh.

    • Well, so far I’ve really only seen him flip the tire and then drop to do a pushup; other trainers tell me about being made to jump in and out of the tire as well. I have no jump in my hip at the moment and am tentatively, where no one can see me, trying to recover my ability to do a small broad jump without freezing up. It was my only good event in school gym classes since it required no speed or grace. That is all they wish on girls in gym classes and I have neither. Nor agility, which seems to be one of the Serbian Executioner’s sideshows. That I need to work on.

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