Tentative Progress

This has happened three or four times now.

Mr. Ferguson is not sure about the Terrible Cat on the other side of the cellar door, but he’s at least willing to watch the paws that Torvald thrusts anxiously and lungingly under the door, and sometimes even bat them. It’s only been two and a half years so I suppose I shouldn’t want to rush things.

Bonus video from earlier this evening when I was cleaning up an SD chip and found a bit of Torvald and Agatha when she was still adolescent and whippy. Soundtrack by serendipity, Brahms (Horn Trio, Opus 40, fourth movement) and WETA-FM radio, 90.9 on your dial if you live in the DC area.


4 thoughts on “Tentative Progress

        • Yeah. I can’t even get this crowd to deal with being in the same room; at least none of the “seniors” with either of the “juniors.”

          Weird, because the nose to nose thing happened after twelve seconds with Aggie and Torvald. But then, she was in heat. It greased the skids, if that’s not a rude way to put it. You remember.

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