So Far, So Good

I am usually pretty light handed with political blogging, world affairs especially.

But goddam, these people were impressive.


The dust hasn’t settled yet. I only ask myself: if I were as sure of my government’s betrayal as were the protesters on Kiev’s Maidan, would I have the balls to go out there and hold a fort — an ice fort, at that — all winter in fifteen degrees Fahrenheit? Even before you factor in the riot police?

And then put a Cossack snowman on the ramparts?

Ukrainian snowman

One death is too much, but so great a change for so little bloodshed is rare. May it end as well as revolutions ever do.


5 thoughts on “So Far, So Good

  1. But what next? All their leaders are crooks, and Putin and his fans are surely unhappy with developments. If I were writing the story, a more or less honest and honorable Ukrainian would wend his / her way to power but only because the Russians needed to undermine reform with a patsy. After that, the new boss, same as the old boss.

    • Yes, I fear that. But it doesn’t dim the respect I have for all these people who couldn’t stand it any longer and put themselves on the line, in large part peacefully, a la Gandhi.

    • That’s always been kind of the creeping fear. Direct e-mails from people who were at the Maidan (a friend forwarded them to me) described Russian police-military types in stark evidence, involved in beating protesters and jeering at them. I see here now where Russia is talking about issuing Russian passports to ethnically Russian people in Eastern Ukraine, which sounds like a whole can of worms.

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