Sometimes, when you live with cats, you park a basket of clean laundry to fold later, and come back to find it in an interesting position.


Sometimes rough justice has been rendered.


The camera cord is too fascinating to resist, so it’s clear she wasn’t really trapped under there.

IMG_2345IMG_2348It’s all casual, right?


7 thoughts on “Bubasket

    • I am what is usually meant by the phrase “Dutch housewife”: proverbial for sweeping everything, washing down the front walk each morning, gleaming pots and pans, etc. (This morning I stopped by the Cute Engineer’s house, where the three adult occupants are, well, more casual housekeepers, and before I left I had swept the parlor floor, raked up gobs of lint from the front of the dryer and provoked him to start a load of wash.) So stray baskets of laundry are rare in my house and quickly folded and put away. It’s amazing how quick the cats are to find any that I haven’t tidied up. And do this.

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