New Toys (II)

I am getting the measure of some more of the new toys at Gold’s. I think the training staff have gotten used to the unholy gleam in my eye when I ask them how this or that gadget is used. I have one very basic kettlebell routine under my belt, I think, or rather not since you don’t wear a belt with kettlebells, which frankly scares me. And then there is this thing that kind of combines bodyweight resistance with bondage. It appeals to my inner kinkster.

Sorry about the awful rap music, but it was the briefest representative video I could find. I can’t do the jumpy stuff yet, but even an international-style squat with these things will put a massive hurting on your hiney if you are willing to drop below parallel. Since I am still kind of jammed up from my 2012 hip subluxation (which is why I can’t do the jumpy stuff: it hurts), I haven’t gotten a squat down to that level in months, but this thing lets me do it. I just need to get my weighted vest back from the Reptile Guy who borrowed it to do dips off his kitchen counter, so I can get to burnout in less than thirty reps.


7 thoughts on “New Toys (II)

  1. It is not the rap music that is distracting from the toy.
    And I understand that these exercises are not for me any more. Walking is all I do (plus some relaxing exercises for my hands). I might consider swimming in a pool though. What is the expert’s advice? Is a pool any good for a mummy? 🙂

    • Oh, swimming is wonderful. I wish I had the opportunity; I swam in the local pools for 20 years but finally lost patience with an erratic schedule (I would go at the normal hour and find the place closed) and the omnipresence of children, whose rudeness and noise made it impossible to enjoy. If you have a pool you can use reliably, go for it.

      I liked to use floats to improve the workout — I would do a lap with my forequarters supported by a paddle board and then a lap with a little figure-eight shaped knee float so that I could do most of the work with my arms, free-style but my legs would not sink in the meantime. Backstroke is also very good for combatting stiffness in the back and the tendency to hunch or slouch. I miss it.

      • Thank you for the advice, Sled. I value it, since you are an expert. So a pool could be a solution. I’ll keep it in mind. The problem with living in the centro storico and not in Rome’s Suburbia is that facilities for sports are few and much much crammed. I’ve got the example of this man, grandpa of my youngest daughter’ friend, who died a few weeks ago at 85 or even an older age. At 70, he had started to swim in a pool, and when I met him a couple of years ago he seemed very fit and energetic, despite his age. So I have a few years to find the right pool for me.

  2. My 45 minutes on The Bike (while playing scrabble and checking email) followed by a fluffy 20 minutes on a few machines… actually makes me feel good. I’m sure if you saw me at your gym you’d just find me annoying! 😀

    • No one who’s actually working out is annoying. It’s the people who are fluffily SITTING on the machines for five and ten minutes without sharing between sets. Or who don’t know how to use them are aren’t interested in advice.

      Please note BTW that I can only fully execute about half of the moves in this video. The side swing and the full plank thing in the first series still look like the thrashings of a spastic when I try them. But wow it feels good.

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