RIP Philip Seymour Hoffmann

The rant is for another day about how our country’s drug laws kill people who are addicted to this or that drug, because Hoffmann had used drugs, and stopped, and started again, not my effing business what longings and hungers were involved in that, only that in a country where an acknowledged addict had access to scheduled drugs of known potency, he might still be alive. Oh I have a rant, but for now, just this:


One thought on “RIP Philip Seymour Hoffmann

  1. Gotta skip the video, being at work and all, but I sense more and more people are seeing our drug laws, like some sex laws, going the way of the old blue laws. On the other hand ignorant moral conservatism is turning out to be quite relentless. So maybe my sense is biased by the sorts of people I listen to.

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