This Has Gone Too Far.

I got a small chotchka in the mail, wrapped in this within its cardboard carton.


“WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this away from babies and children. Do not [sic] in cribs, beds, carriages or play pens.”

Tennis ball provided for size reference.

The only baby that small is in an incubator in some unrealistically optimistic preemie ward. Small animals, maybe, but any normal sized kid who can figure out how to suffocate itself with that probably ought to be a Darwinian cull, anyway.


5 thoughts on “This Has Gone Too Far.

  1. I think the Chinese must print these stickers from a standard “template of English warnings” that they have in all of their factories, because I see that same warning with the same missing word everywhere. I’m pretty sure the “template of French warnings” was written by a Vietnamese that learned a bit of Greek in his younger years. Be lucky the English version is at least readable.

    We had a TV show recently where they showed that there were so many warnings printed everywhere that we don’t care about these anymore.

    My company has an history of putting stupid warnings on their products for fun effect. A few years ago, they had a warming on that year’s model for their glass of cold drink warning that the content could freeze your brain.

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