Bushsicle and Peachy Kitty


Right outside my back sunporch there is this bushsicle. Faces the glass and metal porch, so I suppose the thaw-and-freeze thing kicked in when the rest of the latest powder snow was just blowing off the shrubbery. It looks bizarre and a little disgusting, like snowman snot.

A little more attractively, but worrisomely, Peachy Kitty showed up in the gloaming to devour all the cheap kibble I had put out for needy passersby. He is an absolute brute. He appears around here rarely enough that I am crossing my fingers he has a home, probably one of the ubiquitous immigrant families, like Torvald’s and Agatha’s in their day, who don’t fix their cats or keep them inside or give a damn if they wander off. Sorry if that sounds bigoted, but whenever I find a neglected cat around here, it turns out to belong to someone who came here from a Central American country and completely doesn’t get it about neutering or basic care. I have vitriolic memories of people in the other half of a duplex I once occupied who left their cat out on a twelve degree night, like this one. When I moved I stole him.

IMG_2309Best shot I can get through the screen. Look at that tail.

I’m catted up, so if Peachy Kitty really hasn’t got a better place to go to, it looks like I’m going to be splashing out on some lumber and a storage bin for a makeshift feral cat house.


3 thoughts on “Bushsicle and Peachy Kitty

  1. I checked the pictures *before* I read the text, and I thought it was a squirrel on the second picture. Now that I know it’s a cat, yes, what a tail!

    If you always leave food and he only comes occasionally, I would assume he’s right. He would remember where the food is if he was starving. Leave the food bowl closer to the door each time. In the summer, just leave the door open with the bowl inside next to it. Don’t tell anyone I’ve told you this.

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