First Shift


Mister Penguin is finally in his element. He looked a bit out of place in October when I first displayed him, in honor of the neighbor who, polled over my porch remodeling plans, stoutly asserted that I could put fucking penguins in front of my house and it would be okay with her. I think he has always resented that I didn’t get him a lady penguin. (I assume that the one with the colorful crest is the boy penguin, but what do I know?)

This is a polite, seasonal snowstorm, thoroughgoing enough to close pretty much everything but the Seven-Elevens yet lacking the random glee of, say, Snowmageddon four years ago. People have sensibly stayed off the roads, more or less, and the wind has been gusting enough to blow castor-sugar snow over my porch furnishings, but also enough to banish any accumulation from shrubs or gutters in transparent, fairyland plumes. I believe it is supposed to pick up as the snow moves out and it gets heathen cold, but with any luck I’ll have a chance to clear whatever falls between now and then, having got up the first few inches just before sundown. The first shift of shoveling was no penance; I will try not to freeze myself solid on the second.


13 thoughts on “First Shift

  1. “Heathen snow”! I love it. Really feel for you Americans at the moment. I don’t mind the snow but when it turns to ice and takes ten times as long to get anywhere. Good old seven eleven. Hats off to them. Thinking of you Sled xx

    • Thanks, John — good to see you over here!

      There are a lot of jokes about snow in Washington DC. For starters we are on an isotherm like so we get a lot of what’s called “wintry mix” which really ruins the road surfaces — a little rain, a little ice, a little snow, all quickly becoming frozen slush. This time at least it was all nice powder snow, easy to plow up, but still the other DC peril kicked in — drivers from all the Sun Belt and semi-tropical states who have no CLUE how to drive in snow and when you shouldn’t try. Less of that this time than I’ve seen in the past though.

      I stayed in except for a trip to the gym, as some things are essential.

  2. I’m no expert in penguins (and in fact, in about 25 years of trying, never was able to spell the word correctly the first time — and it spells even worst in French), but I don’t think Happy Feet had a crest. As far as I am aware, you could tell them apart from their behavior, as the male sits lazily on the eggs while the female go get some fish for dinner.

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