Apparently in meteorology, “bomb” means something distinctive and specific:

The particularly intense nor’easter that spawned this blizzard has officially entered ‘bomb’ territory–a technical meteorological definition meaning a rapid deepening of a low pressure system by more than 24 millibars in 24 hours (also, designed to frighten little children into a lifetime of snowy terror). Our blizzard-y friend achieved this mark with room to spare, intensifying from 1012 millibars Thursday morning to 986 millibars at press time, a mere 20 hours later. (Daily Beast)

This is why, all yesterday, I felt like dried turkey crap, recapitulating a history of injuries and subsiding into a weepy yet self-aware slough of depression by around midnight. If the Day of Judgment involves cyclones and tornadoes, I will be in a position to predict it. I knew pretty much why I felt like I did, I just didn’t realize a bomb was involved.

Some people are just walking barometers. It isn’t all about the air pressure; electrical valence participates in our subjective experience. (Jeebus. If dogs crap in line with the earth’s magnetic field — see previous post — is it preposterous that atmospheric forces affect how we feel?)

Bomb. I feel a bit vindicated.


8 thoughts on “Bomb

    • I’m not sure if it’s a challenge or a source of information.

      We just got a flick of snow here, which quickly turned to hardpack as it went from just above freezing to way below, so that I’m better off NOT clearing the walk; it’s the texture of coarse dirt on a track. It’s heathen cold, though, about 15 F last night and dropping several more degrees into Tuesday. I put a work lamp with a 70 watt bulb inside the plumbing chase to keep the pipes warm.

  1. While working with adolescents group, I, and others in the trade, knew a storm was coming long before the weather maps were out. 24 hours before the storm they were hypersensitive without any reasons;( well do adolscents need a reason to be hypersensitive?), however there are degrees in it and the weather induced hypersensitivity is special.

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