Can I Come Out Now?

I’m pretty sure I can. The radio has gone back to playing Khachaturian and Strauss and all the other things you never hear in December, and I even went in a store (admittedly a natural food store) yesterday that was magically devoid of tinkly tacky Christmas Crap.

I had a nice visit Christmas Day with Izzy and Mrs. Izzy, who are done with Hanukkah except for a blinking colored-light menorah that’s still in the window, but, you know, no inflatable Santa on the lawn.

And late in the day I ran across this, which perfectly captures my feeling about wall-to-wall Christmas carols and what I sometimes want to do about them.*

The Christmas Chainsaw Massacre. The North Pole would never be the same.


*I know I’m going to get zinged by Az for this, but that’s part of the holiday season.


4 thoughts on “Can I Come Out Now?

  1. Jan 16… The store chain I work for has already put out the Easter chocolate eggs. But most stores have the Valentine stuff. We better get used to that.

    My neighbor is still illuminating my bedroom with his million of colorful little lights. I hoped he would get out and remove them now that we have a few warm days.

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