Mirror Cat (II), Or, Bengals Is Crazy

Once upon a time Miss Nickel was pretty cool with Mirror Cat.


That was before the arrival of “the juniors,” Torvald and Agatha, who are only safe when they are separated from the older cats by a door. Two of the doors used for this purpose are full-glass now, so Nickel has come to an understanding that the cats on the other side of glass are real and evil, and need to be terrorized whenever they are seen with a full-fledged aggression display.

A couple of weeks ago I was quietly reading in my favorite chair, which occupies a nook garnished with decorative mirrors, when I heard a primitive, Pleistocene growl in my ear. Miss Nickel was telling the spotted cat in the mirror to fuck off and die, without passing Go or collecting $200.00.  Over the next few days she moaned contumely at the glass basement door (when no one was on the other side), the dresser mirror, the upstairs bathroom mirror, most times segueing into the kind of hiss that makes you think of a brand on bare flesh or live steam escaping from an over-pressure boiler.

The other night I heard noises from the darkened kitchen. She was blackguarding the glossy, reflective surface of the refrigerator.

I keep trying to get AV of this so you won’t have to take my word for it, but by the time I can get the camera she has always bolted upstairs.

Bengals is crazy. I love her, but I’m glad I’m bigger than she is.


5 thoughts on “Mirror Cat (II), Or, Bengals Is Crazy

  1. You’re bigger but you know that means NOTHING. Hope she doesn’t know that too…

    Size is so relative when it comes to cats. Loki is massive but he’s such a big girl’s blouse he goes all limp and floppy if I pick him up when he’s Being Bad.

    Luna and Morcilla are more slippery, though I’ve found one position I can hold them in that stops them in their tracks.

    But for the most part I just let them get on with it. Having said that, the other day the girls were chasing each other at full speed and ran over my face! Seriously. Ouch.

  2. I know the situation is probably quite uncomfortable for you, but I laughed when I imagined it. How clever it is of her! That’s a whole logic chain that worked in her head to figure out that cats in the glass are evil. So cool! And what’s even cooler is that how quickly you figured out what was going on. I wonder if I could guess that easily in a situation like that. Very likely not.

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