Weekend Gym Video Bonus

After writing “Boiled Frogs” I surfed around looking for fellow travelers online who had anything to say about the same predicament, and first there was this delicious video:

Mind you, this is a reaction to the promotions for Planet Of The Grapes (not the snacks provided — they put out tootsie rolls — but the color they paint it). No one who runs a real iron gym would feel the need to go to this length to diss people who aren’t into hard workouts, if certain parties weren’t cheerfully throwing around words like “lunk” and making ads where serious lifters get thrown out of a fitness club.

All anyone in any gym really asks is that people not act like “The Meathead” here. Some disquietingly on-target stereotypes, though I am proud to be the guy (well, his equivalent) doing handstand push-ups at 2:25. Hey, it’s a great exercise, blew up my delts like nothing doing, gets my neck to release. If you aren’t gonna do it in the gym where you gonna do it?

And, well… sometimes I think I’m all the women in this one, except the sweaty lout and the one copping a feel. The only dumbbells I go there to pick up have knurled handles.


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