It’s Called A Lap. You’ll Like It.

That is what the Cute Engineer said the first time he plunked Torvald down across his stout thighs, perceiving that this was a kitty who had probably been shooed off furniture and had no frame of reference for lap sitting. It didn’t take long for Torvald to get the picture, fortunately.

I think he does like it.


He has an almost Mayan profile for a cat of putatively Norwegian origins (however many generations removed). I never tire of photographing him. I even forgive him for the barometer.


8 thoughts on “It’s Called A Lap. You’ll Like It.

    • I think his previous people were in fact Mexican. One of my clients, a lady from Ecuador, commented a little chauvinistically that this accounts for his bumptious manners (though I can’t see how it would affect his physiognomy). It seemed like a nationalistic beef and I stayed out of it.

    • I thought I replied but I must have bungled or WordPress did. Thank you for saying that ashelietolentin! Though you no doubt can imagine… he knows he’s cute. And he *works* it.

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