Ave Atque Vale

I didn’t know.

Mr. Bradford lifted 1,1271 / 2 pounds.  “Those weights are my friends,” he later said. “They tell me they want to be lifted.”

Library of Congress employee. African American athlete of the Cold War years. Courted in a halfass way by the Russians. Still said this was the greatest country in the world.

Please, all you jockeying grandstanding sonsofbitches, prove him right.


6 thoughts on “Ave Atque Vale

  1. I’m pretty sure “sonofbitches” is written as three words. Not a compound word, as Spiders taught me. But still, I get your point. You know, we still have plenty of space up here in the north if you like 🙂

    • I’m worried the lines at Immigration would wrap around the building twice!

      Seriously, I have roots here — but I wish people in my country would stop pretending we are best at everything, rah rah, instead of learning from people who are doing things more sensibly all over the world.

      • All countries have their goods and bads. But yeah, I think most countries can tell what they do bad. I believe people in the US are being trained to think like that because of the government there. Don’t worry, despite me doing a lot of jokes, I don’t have a problem with Americans. At least, not all of them 🙂

        • 😛

          Thanks for not being like my Brit Ex, who seemed to think all Americans were well off and spoiled.

          Our government isn’t at all monolithic, and in fact it’s clear for all to see at the moment that they argue like cats and dogs, but there is a lot of general doltishness among the population. Way too many people who don’t know much of anything and don’t want to know, and as a result have hilariously dumb ideas about the rest of the world.

    • I shared the story with my Olympic lifter client by e-mail, and this morning when we encountered at the gym he told me he’d met Bradford at a weightlifters’ annual dinner a number of times. Heady.

      I tweak pronunciation depending on which of my heads is plugged in: sometimes I talk in American Redneck (sumbitch), sometimes it’s an expression of incredulity (son of a BITCH!), sometimes my Queen’s English prevails and every diphthong is crisp, sometimes it’s a slangy plural (really sounds like sonsabitches), and I often smile at a quotation that I got from C. S. Lewis’ novels, spoken by a Cavalier to a detachment of Roundheads: “If Merlin who was the Devil’s son was as loyal a king’s man as ever ate bread, how is it that ye, being but the sons of bitches, must be rebels and regicides?”

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