Gratuitous Cat Glamour Post

Good God, he’s gorgeous. And he knows it.





Props to the inimitable Alexandra; I was practicing with some of her excellent expert advice on cat photography when I took these shots.


20 thoughts on “Gratuitous Cat Glamour Post

  1. Hmm, that’s odd. I see three pictures in the email notification of your post, but only two here? My favourite one, of his floofy face looking down at you and showing off those lovely eyes, is missing…

    • You spotted it. I painted it black because my old photo program turns out not to work in 64 bit and I didn’t want to wait to sort out updates so I used MS Paint.

      • Haha! Try this!

        I formerly used Paint Shop Pro. I did not upgrade after it have been bought by Corel, as I know what the company did to other software I liked before. The last version didn’t work as well under Win7, and eventually I gave it up. I tried Gimp more like “until I find something good” and actually stuck with it and love it. For my own tastes and the little image edit I need to do anyway. Just wanted to share.

        • Thank you! I was stuck with the same program and had not been able to get things to work in 7. I assumed it was the 64 bit.

          I have some flea tips to share over at your place when I have more than 5 minutes to check my messages.

          • I doubt there was any connection with your new Windows being 64-bit. It still run 32-bit programs just as well. But everytimes a new Windows comes around, along will all the new bells and whistles, it breaks a few older piece of software. Simple programs don’t get problems, but multimedia programs (image, sound, video…) are more sensitive to changes in features. But congratulations for not picking Win8 🙂

            Take your time, I’d rather have a well crafted comment than just some rushed and incomplete ideas. I like when comments complete my articles, it’s not like I was always right on everything and never forgot anything.

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