Bad Taste Award For 2013

There is no way anyone can top this.

What happened was, the porch is almost finished (they have to corral an electrician and special order some screen doors) so I got all retail and started shopping online for outdoor things like a nice solar lantern, and this popped up, you should pardon the expression, on a search for “solar” on a very large home-goods website, and I do think I have to go and lie down now with a cold cloth on my head.


“Very high sellout risk.”

Someone even bought it and reviewed it enthusiastically. Very disturbing.


6 thoughts on “Bad Taste Award For 2013

    • “Manneken Pis” is justly famous, but this hatted young lout appears haptically ithyphallic and, well, projectile. It’s the sort of statue only a pedophile priest could love.

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