The Battle For Hearts And Minds

We had Malala Day, and now this, which I think is freakin’ awesome.

People can burn books, and bomb schools, but as anyone who has had to compete with them for attention knows, you cannot outflank children’s cartoons.


2 thoughts on “The Battle For Hearts And Minds

  1. I saw this the other day and also saw there was some controversy about it perhaps making the burka seem “cool” or somehow desirable to wear. But I think that in this context most kids will see the irony intended.

    • I think she looks completely badass, and the ninja trope works perfectly. My only concern is that someone might actually try to mimic those moves wearing a burka — you’d half kill yourself.

      Heck, it presents the image of a burka-clad woman to young boys as someone powerful and cool, rather than meek and subordinate — which can’t be a bad way for them to think.

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