Thomasina And Jerry

So another mouse got in.

We first noted the circumstance on Thursday night. That’s the night I usually see the Cute Engineer for dinner, it being client free, and young Miss Agatha was conspicuous by her absence the entire evening — such that we began to suspect something was afoot. Reconaissance in the cellar disclosed that she was staking out a row of shelves harboring sturdy storage boxes of comics.

I pulled out a long box of back numbers of Justice League of America. A small grey shape darted out. Agatha seized it in her jaws.

And dropped it. It sped away again. She seized it again.

“She’ll get it,” I said. But by morning, hampered by being locked up in the laundry room overnight, she hadn’t. I let her have the rest of the day, expecting a prey display any time I ventured into her territory downstairs. Nope. Friday passed into Friday night and Saturday morning. No sign of a slain mouse.

Just after my first client on Saturday, when I had already balled up the used sheets and pitched them down the stairs, I heard a bit of commotion and looked down the stairwell to see Agatha pouncing on the textile heap. Let’s get this over with, I thought, and trotted down the steps to lift the sheets away. A small grey form scooted out. She pounced on it.

And let it go.

Mr. Mouse — a small specimen, but lively — skittered away a few feet, then sat up on his hunkers and waved a forepaw aloft before scampering a few more inches.

She was no longer hunting him. They were playing Tag.

I threw up my hands, shut the young folks in the laundry room for their turn to retire — for those who need a refresher, I have two young cats and two older ones who regard the interlopers as anathema — and left life to its business.

“Oh, dear,” said the Engineer just as we were preparing dinner: he had volunteered to take the laundry baskets down the the bottom of the cellar stairs.

A carcass disposal ensued.

Mr. Ferguson sauntered up. “Some cats,” he seemed to be saying, “see rodents as sport, to be returned to the fray again and again. I honor the ancient compact between human and cat. You have observed the remains. I will accept a dish of the best cat food on the third upstairs step, thank you kindly.”


8 thoughts on “Thomasina And Jerry

  1. I think Morcilla would be like Agatha when it comes to mice because she LOVES to play. Though she does a serious job of killing all the pillows before she goes to sleep…

  2. Perhaps these are practice sessions to see off more challenging opponents.

    Urban foxes here have shed their original timidity and become fit and healthy. One night last winter, a large dog-fox we had seen entered the house through the catflap and stole a cushion. Reports had appeared in the local press of a fox a mile or so away who was killing cats. There was an enormous rumpus, Our two remaining elderly cats engaged him in battle and defeated him.

    There were more incidents. We brought experts in, who caught four of the offending animals.

    Three of our four cats have died in the last eighteen months and we are left with a twenty-year-old who suffers badly from arthritis and likes to sleep out the summer months on a high vantage point in our porch. About a fortnight ago there were ominous sounds one night. Bo had a huge bite on rear paw as if a predator was trying to drag her away.

    For some days, as Bo recovered, we saw not a single fox. Yesterday, though, we saw a large, thin fox limping across the lawn. I’m glad to say that Bo is much recovered, having been unable to walk for a while.

    There have been isolated reports of foxes attacking children in their cots and feeble old men in the streets. All our cats loved our grandchildren, especially when they were babies. I must say, however, that I feel a lot safer now.

    • Oh, Richard, you must get a kitten. But not let it out where foxes can find it. We have foxes around here too, though the worst dangers are from cars,

      Cats are insanely brave and will take on just about anything. Except for my Mr’ Ferguson, who is timid with anything his size or larger,but he does handle the mice.

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