By The Way

I have no idea why about five recent posts have disappeared from this blog, along with my sidebars.

I can still access the full text from my dashboard but they are not showing up on the main link to the site. I am curious to know if anyone else can see anything between the post passing on Malala’s UN speech and my remarks about Joss Whedon’s Much Ado.

(Queerly, you can still reach everything through the “previous post” links.)

(EDIT: Seems to have been the formatting in the Malala speech which I lifted from a Web page with cut and paste. When I thought about it soberly I remembered having this trouble in the past. On that occasion, eventually I ran across an article that remarked most such problems go back to this command and that if you go to Text view and make all the imported formatting go the eff away, so will your problems. It worked.)


3 thoughts on “By The Way

    • Nope. I seem to have fixed everything.

      Problem is that some cut-and-pasted text from fancier websites will show certain “formatting” commands inside brackets. When one of these commands is “div,” situated between those bracket marks, its appearance anywhere on a WordPress page will scramble the code that determines the layout of sidebars, etc. You look at your Edit Post page in the Text tab and it shows up there, and you have to exterminate eery trace of it. With luck you’ll never have to play with this.

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