Manufactured Outrage

I am as politically “progressive” as they come, so I am fairly disgusted and dismayed by the current effort by alleged progressives to whip up indignation over the report that a tidy number of women were sterilized in the California prison system during the last decade.

Can someone explain to me convincingly what is the effing problem? I had to prostrate myself in my twenties to get this surgery, alarmed that an anti-abortion lobby already flexing its muscle in the Reagan years could condemn me to a life of either celibacy or terror of becoming pregnant. If I had ever been pregnant without recourse I would have blown out my brains; anyone recall the “please kill us” scene in the second Alien movie? Doctors scoffed at me and told me I would change my mind. Clearly, the majority of people I encountered believed that a woman’s whole purpose in life was to be an incubator, and this in a world already groaning under too many people.

These women in California got out of it for free. Why is this a matter for uproar?

The birth of a child is the death of a woman — not only her irreversible physical mutilation but the death of her intellect, her talents, her plans for the future, her identity as a separate human being, even if she doesn’t know it yet. It’s at the very least a violation and a disfigurement, and more likely the conversion of her into a MOM —  a creature whose only traction in this world is a reciprocal sucking off the life of her offspring. Why is it considered an abuse that a certain number of women in in a certain place and time were spared the risk of this death?

The prison industry in America is a horror, a combine which sucks up people often guilty of no more than a little chemical diversion and uses them as slave labor, but when it gets something right — even a stopped clock is right twice a day — why is THAT the issue that everyone jumps on? Could it be that even the most “liberal” among us still think a woman is only valuable when she’s a baby factory?


3 thoughts on “Manufactured Outrage

  1. I’m with you on the phony outrage but the part about “MOMs” (and therefore most women)? ZOWIE! Mutilated succubus skin bags sucking the life out of their own life-sucking offspring because, otherwise, these “MOMs” are brain dead zombies with zero identity, no talent, no future? And this is, what? The opinion of the “most liberal among us”? Interesting.

    • I’m not saying zero — but once a woman lets her body and mind be co-opted for the purpose of reproducing, it strikes me as an uphill fight for her ever to regain the person she would have been. I know women who still have their own identity despite having children, obviously — once they’re through the indenture of full time parenthood — but my observation is that it is a massive blow from which a large number of women find they can only recoup something by extracting the damages from their children, emotionally speaking. It certainly seems to me to be one reason the human race is so screwed up. An accident of evolution that made childbirth come at tremendous cost to the mother instead of the less risky and protracted process that occurs in the lower animals. I wish people would quit pretending it’s a wonderful thing and admit that we only get new people at the price of mostly trashing the people who are already here. And I certainly can’t see any reason to freak out over a few women who aren’t going to be part of that.

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