A return to an old favorite, in honor of today’s twin Supreme Court decisions.



4 thoughts on “DOMA

  1. LOL! On the same theme, we get some great English TV down here and this is a clip from the Catherine Tate show. She’s a comedian who takes on many different personas on her show (like an edgy Carol Burnett). Here she is finding out her son is gay. The accents are hard to follow but you’ll get the idea. I especially like the skit at about 4:15

    • I love Catherine Tate to pieces!!! I’ve become a huge fan of Doctor Who on which she played Donna Noble, and just bought a digital edition of her Much Ado opposite David Tennant, who played the Doctor when she was in the show. I think I’d go see her in anything.

      I knew of a case where a single mom was almost this eager to think her son was gay — which he wasn’t, but once he gathered that she liked the idea of a gay son “who would go shopping with her,” he faked a same sex romance for about six months and totally wound her up. We were all peeing ourselves when we figured out what he was up to.

      Love the soundtrack of “Lord Nelson” in the last bit.

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