Next Time, Can I Have Some Puccini?

I will leave it to people in Media Studies, political science, and the universal occupation of social criticism to say something meaningful about this trend. I am still stuck at “WTF.”

The stout, charismatic governor of the great state of New Joisey:

First a teddy bear for the President, now this. It’s beginning to creep me out.

Then you go to Turkey, where the latest in the wave of Middle Eastern popular uprisings — I’m sorry, I can’t keep up without a scorecard — appears to be auditioning for the musical stage.

At least they haven’t done “We Are The World.” Yet.

One thought on “Next Time, Can I Have Some Puccini?

  1. Its scary the way noise is being normalized. I was at a 25th anniversary party the other day. Non stop tooth loosening bass with no discernible music or lyrics. Conversation, which I thought was a point of a get together like that’s, was impossible.

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