Captain Hook

I used to watch the Danny Kaye show every bloody Wednesday night, but this was the moment of his that I searched and searched for once the Internet opened up the whole of filmed history to us. A few years back there was a grainy half-acceptable bit of it posted somewhere, but this one is worth passing on. A Peter Pan musical with Kaye as Captain Hook: you can have your Mary Martin version.

Bonus: when did we last behold such innocent joy?

They don’t make them like him any more.


14 thoughts on “Captain Hook

  1. Great clip. Thanks. Perfect timing. I just saw the prequel to Peter Pan, Peter and the Starcatcher, last night in an off Broadway production. It was enthralling so a little bit more from Neverland is a welcome addition to my morning which feels rather bleak out here beyond the proscenium arch. 🙂

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