Something New

A pretty ordinary Sunday — well, a rather nice one — incline presses (first time with forty pounders), bunnies on the lawn, and on the radio:

Wikipedia informs me helpfuly that Korngold — whom I knew as a composer of film music, echoed in this piece — was a protege of Gustav Mahler and dedicated this piece to his widow Alma.

Where has this been all my life?


4 thoughts on “Something New

  1. This violinist handles bars as deftly as you must handle barbells; real Bruges lace. Thank you my dear favorite musicophile weight lifter.

    • The first performance was by Jascha Heifetz, so Wikipedia notes. Imagine that for a moment! Though I don’t know how far anyone could outdo Perlman here.

      And of course there is the second and then the third movement:

      I was in a punchy fog, post-workout and breakfast and shower, supine on the duvet, when this thing burst on me via the public radio station. I kept picturing fantastic cities seen from a great distance or elevation, like something from the Hudson River School of painting.

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