I should know when to shut my mouth. Not that I said anything to them, but today, as I returned from the gym, my geezer neighbor — the one whose wife likes to leave nastygrams on my guests’ cars for the cardinal sin of parking at their curb — was out in front of his house, talking to a police officer. There were two shiny-new orange cones in the street behind his vehicle, well one of them anyway, they have a fucking fleet.

I don’t think he liked what she was telling him. I glanced back out the window in time to see her get back into her cruiser and drive off; he was carrying the cones back into the house.

I doubt they read this page. Am I spellcasting?


4 thoughts on “Spooked

    • Do you know I don’t really have a “bunch” of friends? At least, not people I can feature wanting to all hang out together at the same time. Geeks in this corner, muscleheads in that corner.. the ones who are compatible will never even all be in this time zone at once.

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