A Message

IMG_1928I think they are trying to say “Bring us live food.”

The First Bunny Of Spring appeared on the lawn Saturday and Agatha’s tail-lashing was fearful to see. I may have a contender for the mantle of Patricia Twinkle of glorious memory, who once created an installation of four infant mouse carcasses on my dining room carpet.

If I were a mouse, I would stay so the hell away from this place.


6 thoughts on “A Message

  1. Maybe it’s the time of year. Spot is constantly putting toy mice in the waterbowl lately. He’d be a danger if a live one came near him. Lokii maybe moreso as he eats every bug that moves inside the house. Or doesn’t move, eww. He’s been spider-hunting for weeks, I keep telling him it is too cold for bugs but he doesn’t seem to understand English.

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