Frozen Music

I was looking around for a parody of Baby Got Back — not the Gilbert and Sullivan version I posted here years back, but another one I ran across reversing the song to bag on the scrawniness of white women’s butts. I kind of gave up looking, because I was only going to link it in the comment thread of a news story about how yet someone else felt called on to tell the world he thought that Michelle Obama’s arse was big, which first I ask how small does a butt have to be before no one says that anyway?, plus most of the people who say that would kill for her arms (men included) and should STFU. But meanwhile I came across this.

I remember back at Bard, doing term paper all-nighters at three in the morning with a student of cathedral history, dissolving in hysterics over the term “groin vaultings.” Those were the days.


3 thoughts on “Frozen Music

    • I suppose the fellow could only fit in so many. So many buttresses, so little time…

      I missed the wedding flap. Wouldn’t know Pippa if she sat on me. But something like this gets said every thirty seconds around the world. WTF? I realized it had gotten out of hand when I heard men — men!!! — mocking the butt of Jennifer Lopez, then saw her in a music video and opined that a quarter bounced off that butt would rebound so smartly it could blind you. I know fashion designers just want a woman to look like a rack for their creations and some women are misplacing their priorities enough to buy into that standard, but what do these guys want? The skeletal prominences of trochanters and ischia? Have they been grabbing onto the joysticks of their video games for so long that they can’t get hard for something that isn’t full of knobs?

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