No One Knows How To Dance Any More

Presidents and Vice Presidents have way too much to do as it is, so probably it is churlish for me to observe that neither the Obamas nor the Bidens seem to have managed much past a display of closing-the-bar slow dancing at the inaugural balls.

After the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Cabinet and who all else I guess it would be excessive to expect our Commander in Chief and his deputy to spend time with Arthur Murray.

But on the other hand, I once learned to plattl in a hurry (the guy step, not the girl step; don’t ask me to do it today) for a New Year’s Eve panto performance, so you would think even a politician could learn to, oh I don’t know, box step?


4 thoughts on “No One Knows How To Dance Any More

  1. Hahaha, wouldn’t it be great to see everyone at the Inauguration Ball suddenly start doing the pavane? But you see, they had it right back then. Everyone at a “certain level of society” was required to know these things.

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