A past holiday gift from the lady who gives me a massage, which has been languishing in the drawer for longer than I care to admit. I simply forgot how good they feel on toes that have been stubbed, broken, sprained and avulsed.  Anyone who has to call a Toe Truck as often as I do ought to have a set of these things. Spa supply shops, I think.

If we could just get rid of the carols and creches, and have an annual holiday where you give presents to people you care about — with a strong cultural injunction against Wretched Excess — this Yuletide thing would work.


7 thoughts on “Spacers

    • Note the right foot (on the left of the picture of course) whereon the second toe is visibly rotated at an angle incompatible with that of all the other toes. Old fracture, now annoyed by the time I tripped on a garden hose and very nearly avulsed the great toe next to it. It’s yum to feel some SPACE in there.

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