The Blessed Sound Of Chainsaws

The Remains (2)

The foreman of the tree crew really does have only. One. Arm.

Actually he’s got an upper right arm, which he uses to good effect; he can apparently manage a wire tie with it, though I didn’t quite see how when he anchored my fiberoptic  cable out of the way.

That’s him going up in the tree.

He got here before the sun had broken through the cloud cover or really gotten much above the horizon, even, and by the time I had my car out of the driveway the Olympian Chipper was maneuvering into place and the crane was parked at the end of my driveway.

Almost There 2

(Her name — you can just barely make lettering out on the bucket — is “Almost There.” Operated By Jim. Says so on the door of the cab.)

It felt awfully close.

View From My Desk

They took down the secondary trunks first, one pass per; the crane operator’s an artist. He even has an artistic temperament because some time after this bit was shot, I saw him through the window going [facepalm] and yelling “I’m goin’ home!” There was a goddammit involved and he got out of the cab for a moment, but whatever it was, they worked it out and he seemed cheerful enough when they closed up the outriggers a quarter hour ago.

Here’s the kind of thing he had to tangle with. I’d cuss too.

They had to do that three times, with the guys on the ground coaxing and shouldering the trunks down onto my lawn and into the street, where they immediately began sectioning then with chainsaws faster than I can work a pruner in the shrubbery. After a while they brought up a Bobcat to shovel the big bits into the chipper.

I came inside for a while; it’s stone-floor cold out there. Here’s the beatific moment, where the worm-eaten behemoth was reduced to a height that, at worst, would have squashed my azaleas and not my porch or roof if the roots were to pull free of the ground.


Some of those puckers made a bodacious thud coming down.

Carcass At The Curb

The one-armed guy picks up a chainsaw and shows them how it’s done.

No Excuses

The Remains

That’s what they’re grinding up right now, with a patented device trade-named Bandit.

I should even get to the gym more or less on time.


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