Find Of The Day

A polymath client sent me an online magazine with a feature interview of the late Maurice Sendak. I never even read one single book by Maurice Sendak, not one. And now he is dead and I still haven’t read one. But I think I love him anyway.

MAURICE SENDAK: I really don’t like the city anymore. You get pushed and harassed and people grope you. It’s too tumultuous. It’s too crazy. I’m afraid of falling over in New York. People are all insane and talking on machines and twittering and twottering. All that. I’m here looking for peace and quiet. A yummy death.

BLVR: A yummy death?

MS: I’m just reading a book about Samuel Palmer and the ancients in England in the 1820s. You were so lucky to have William Blake. He’s lying in bed, he’s dying, and all the young men come—the famous engravers and painters—and he’s lying and dying, and suddenly he jumps up and begins to sing! “Angels, angels!” I don’t know what the song was. And he died a happy death. It can be done.

Or try this.

Salman Rushdie, that flaccid fuckhead. He reviewed me on a full page in the New York Times, my book Dear Mili. He hated it. He is detestable. I called up the Ayatollah, nobody knows that. What else shall we talk about?

One always reads that his books were subversive, and scared lots of parents because of bare juvenile butts and the absence of sugar-coating (“I refuse to lie to children. I refuse to cater to the bullshit of innocence.”).

There’s a young artist in this town who’s remarkably gifted, and I’ve been tutoring him on the side. And he had this marvelous girlfriend, and I saw what was happening. And I said, “Look, don’t marry. Happily you can live together without any stench.” And they married and within eight minutes she was pregnant. And now they have a child, and all they do is complain about not having time and having to get a job. Fuck you! Why didn’t you listen to me? We don’t need that baby.

For those of us who are keenly aware we are here because people couldn’t think of anything better to do, this is greater comfort than a foot rub.

The whole interview is at this link.


4 thoughts on “Find Of The Day

    • I never could wade through anything Salman Rushdie wrote and now I can characterize it. In the immortal words of Wick Fowler, “I been screwing so long with a limber dick, I swear I could row a boat with a rope.” Yes. Exactly like that.

  1. Wow. He’s grouchy. I might have had children so I could read them Maurice Sendak books. I’m probably not alone. Get yourself to a library immediately, Sled. So much pleasure on every page.

    • I think I passed them up originally because of the Telmarine effect (you can read about the Telmarines of everyday life, their hatred of wild things, and their subversion here So many people, butt-objectors aside, were telling me these books were good that I figured they couldn’t be; I learned young to be suspicious of the ubiquity and motives of Telmarines. I have not read most of the great women novelists, either, partly because their subject matter tends toward social maneuvering and marriages (bor-ing) but also because people were for ever shoving them in my face and saying “This is by a LAY-DEE so I know you’ll like it.”

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