Just Because They Are Cute

I haven’t had the camera in the same room with Nickel and Mr. Ferguson, my original Catma Sutra couple, very often lately. Just so you know they are still inseparable. The vet wants Nickel to lose some pudge, and Fergie’s sneeze has defied all reasonable attempts to make it go away, but it never seems to bother him when they are cuddling.

It’s not my bed, you understand.


10 thoughts on “Just Because They Are Cute

  1. Puppies are cute too. And small children playing. And superannuated people in love.

    I will apparently be borrowed by a cat this Xmas season. It will be … interesting.

  2. I’ll give you puppies on spec, but children playing? May the sight never blight my eyes again. Or the sound, more to the point. I never saw the charm in messy, noisy, cruel, stupid and destructive.

    I didn’t know cats had human lending libraries now. Who selected you?

    • Thank you. I wish I could get a group picture of all four, but we are still Balkanized — I think they would work it out eventually, but I am indulgent enough that I hate to stress Fergie out. The other two are young enough that they do not yet provide me with such serene tableaux; action shots tend to be the order of the day.

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