Arresting Phrases

sometimes pop up in the science newsletter I read on Sundays.

“Zipper detachment strategies for penile skin entrapment…”

That hurts and I don’t even own one.


13 thoughts on “Arresting Phrases

    • ER personnel can tell so many alarming genital stories that I blanch to think of it sometimes. My Albino Ex, a former EMT on ambulance duty, had a story involving a bullet vibrator, Superglue and a toy souvenir baseball bat from Fenway Park in Boston… brr.

  1. I agree with Richard but I fail to see how, while wearing underwears, your penile skin can become entrapped in your zipper. Never heard of zipped undies or unexpressibles as a victorian gent would say. Nice catchy phrase tough.

    • The political candidate I once worked for — a high functioning “Aspie” autistic with no sense of social merging — had a whole spiel about the superfluity of underwear. Confining and unnecessary, in his view. I never asked him about the zipper issue, as they say, Too Much Information, but I guess there are people who simply spurn the Y front or boxer insulation.

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