Screw Your Courage (II) To The Polling Place

I got up. It was by-Our-Lady cold, a morning you’d want to let the cats pin you in bed.

My polling place is a couple of blocks west and a couple more south, in the local elementary school, a place I usually give a wide berth. (Jesus, the squealing and squalling from the playground: how can anyone live next door?) Once a year, I walk there to vote. This morning, the better part of valor, in the form of the Ace bandage still encasing my thigh, suggested that I drive. There were reports already filtering through Twitter of ninety-minute lines; I took my walking stick.

I don’t suppose I actually stood there longer than a quarter hour — partly timing, and partly the presence of early voting in my precinct — but it was long enough to witness one obligatory Asshole Voter, who apparently didn’t care if he voted by electronic or paper ballot so long as he stood through the shortest line. Full of bluster and agitation, he managed to misinterpret the poll workers’ directions and head to the electronic line (a long one). Retrenching, he lambasted my long-suffering neighbors — who wants to be trapped in a school gym for thirteen hours, for pity’s sake? — snarling, “I work for the GOVERNMENT and I know how to tell people where to go and what to do.”

I think pretty much everyone in there was prepared to tell him where to go and what to do, but he voted anyway, and left, for which relief much thanks.

There’s always one.


9 thoughts on “Screw Your Courage (II) To The Polling Place

  1. Hopefully he voted for the loser, with that entitled attitude. My sis, in SC: three hours. With a two year old. Maybe my niece was not there, I’m not sure (one of the good ones, she knew letters before age 2 and reads already) – but she’s a cool kid and in queue or not my sis would have had her on her mind.

    Afterward sis made a new profile pic that is clearly a reflection of the blue/red Obama hope poster (still on my kitchen wall from 4 years ago). Love her 🙂

    • I would have enjoyed a good swim, since the local pools are so kid-infested I can’t stand to use them any more, but I agree that open water in 35 degrees Fahrenheit wouldn’t have appealed.

  2. I took advantage of early voting in MD. But stood in freezing cold for six hours on election day looking like a fool, with an Obama T-shirt on over my jacket. First time I’ve ever worn a T-shirt on election day, and turns out to be good.

    All I had to do was stand there like a billboard and wave like the queen of England. (make that the king of England) It’s a conservative precinct, but I got a lot of thumbs-up. Lots of young voters, especially young women, and I know they weren’t voting for Romney.

    • I early-voted during my two misbegotten adventures as a campaign manager. Otherwise, I enjoy the vibe of going into a polling place at the moment of truth – assholes and all.

      We’re a seriously blue part of the state, but I saw one guy entering in a LIBERTY UNIVERSITY sweat shirt. Guess he wanted to make his statement. Brr.

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