Agatha has discovered the Joy Of Up.

I believe she is channeling Patty — Esther Patricia Upcat Reveille Twinkle, of blessed memory — a dainty tuxedo who used to lounge on the top of the front door and suchlike places (hence “Upcat”). If we ever lost track of her we learned to look up.

I think I have my work cut out.


9 thoughts on “Elevations

  1. I’m fortunate that Madison is not an upcat. She doesn’t get onto counters, tables, or shelves. She is, however, a inveterate “petter” — she pets me, or rather, she must have one paw on me at all times. She’s also a licker, which is either endearing or gross, depending on my mood.

  2. For one terrifying moment I flashed forward to a day when I live in an apartment completely free of dead-parent clutter, an elegant space I might actually want to spend time in, a place for writing and loving and creating, and find a cat to be a highly suitable compan—- NOOOOOO!

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