Welcome Our New Overlords

Found on the Bertrum Thumbcat Facebook feed; it would just be a slideshow of some nice people’s nice cats, such as hundreds of us share every day, but for the song by Jamie Anderson, whom I now consider the poet of the revolution.


6 thoughts on “Welcome Our New Overlords

      • Aw. I was born in NJ. But so far, I only wipe in front of the hubby. Yes, we’ve that kind of ‘closeness.’ the mere idea makes Socks have a panic attack but me? When I gotta go, I gotta go. And we’ve only one toilet lately as HIS DAMN BIKE is propped up on my former outdoor throne. Suffer my poo or make me room or GTFO. Wow, where did that rant come from?

          • Because we don’t have a garage, only a little shed-house with the boiler, washer, dryer, giant Weber grill, and the extra toilet in it. Since I have a job 20 mins away so require the car, and his job is a brisk 4-minute walk, he got his old bike out of his uncle’s garage and now it it stored in the shed. I’m more than annoyed as it was my only haven, the throne in the shed-house, to get me away from the constant music, the animals, and hearing someone talking to cheese.

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