It Was So Hot That…

Never mind frying eggs on the sidewalk:

US Airways plane gets stuck in ‘soft spot’ on pavement at Reagan National

Phillip Dugaw/PHILLIP DUGAW – Phillip Dugaw’s airplane to Charlston, S.C. got stuck in a soft spot caused by the heat on the tarmac at Reagan Airport on Friday. The photo went viral after he posted it to Reddit

By , Updated: Sunday, July 8, 12:21 AM

Things were proceeding normally Friday evening as a US Airways flight was leaving the gate at Reagan National Airport to begin its flight to Charleston, S.C.But the temperature reached 100 degrees in Washington on Friday and that apparently softened the airport paving enough to immobilize the airplane. The small vehicle that usually tows planes away from the gate tugged and pulled, but the plane was stuck.
The rains came through about four and dropped the mercury to the middle 80s. I think we will all remain in shock through about Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “It Was So Hot That…

  1. Glad it’s cooling off!

    As far as the plane getting stuck, yes, it’s a testimonial to the heat, but I think that is also something that happens fairly regularly in Third World airports. I’m just saying . . .

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