It has been getting harder and harder to keep the luridly blue “Elizabethan collar” on Miss Agatha; it’s secured, like a drawstring skirt, with a little lace, and can’t be made stranglingly tight of course, so I sometimes find her gimping along with a forepaw thrust through it — the effect is halfway between a tutu and a toga — and a couple of times she has backed her way right out of it.

This morning I found it in the litter pan. I’ve rarely been sent a clearer message.

The scar is only a pinpoint of scab away from being completely and cleanly healed. I guess we’re done here. Torvald will be so relieved.


2 thoughts on “Symbolism

    • I wish you could see her killing all the toy mice. To death. I don’t fancy her chances against Nickel Catmium — so far, the Home Team and the Beaner Newbes have been separately entertained, with much conscientious shutting of doors — but she certainly has Torvald buffaloed.

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