Spay Day

Agatha goes to the vet tomorrow, just a day or so after discovering Mommy’s Chair

and after several uproarious days of killing all the cat toys in the house (several times apiece), the Cute Engineer’s gym shoes, and my hair. The hair was an enormous hit earlier this evening. She held me prisoner by it for most of a quarter hour on the entryway rug, for variation occasionally releasing it to shove a small moist nose into my fingertips and wrestle my forearm. She is the most adorable thing on the planet.

I have no idea how I will stand being without her for thirty hours. They will let her come home Thursday afternoon.

I have broken out a collapsible wire mesh dog crate that I once bought from a lesbian couple living up the street from my old house, who owned a renegade Basset hound. When the Basset outgrew it they let it go to me in a yard sale; it came in handy when we moved, for Apricat and Patricia Twinkle of blessed memory. Bassets are one of the few dog breeds that don’t terrify me — they’re low enough to the ground that they couldn’t jump up to clamp their jaws on my arm even if they wanted to, something I expect most dogs to attempt — and the ladies were nice, so I still think of the crate as a Thing Of Good Vibes for Agatha to recuperate in over the next couple days when I am not able to watch her.

I will be a nervous wreck till Thursday. Y’all are warned.


4 thoughts on “Spay Day

  1. Luna loves my hair too. Must be a girlie thing.

    Why 30 hours? I was told I could drop Luna off first thing in the morning and pick her up in the afternoon.

    I remember years ago waiting during Lua’s procedure and taking her home all groggy immediately afterwards. Though this was done by Igor & Co at the publicly funded “Protectora de Animales”. Poor thing was sliced open from here to there, which of course wasn’t necessary.

    I’m sure Agatha won’t have nearly as hard a time with this as you will. *hug*

    • They are a 24 hour hospital, so they hold animals who have open surgeries overnight and release them during the quiet part of the day the following afternoon, when the next day’s surgeries are going on and the waiting room isn’t clogged. It’s a pretty good method. With this house full it’s kind of better she isn’t coming right home, but I’ll miss her.

      Getting everyone squared away before I go now.

  2. Well, a Dr. Baxter, with the comically perky and vivacious demeanor that characterizes vets at my animal hospital, called around 12:30 in the afternoon to report that everything went just as it’s supposed to and Agatha was doing well. Clinically I trust her assessment but I am sure Agatha is one annoyed kitty.

    I’ve set up the dog crate in my office. Anyone who has a problem with this probably shouldn’t be on my client roster.

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