End Times And A Moose

Tucked halfway out of sight beside the grocery store cash register, a couple of leaflets caught my eye. Printed in the unsubtle colors that characterize religious tracts, the top one proclaimed: “Soon there will be NO MORE SUFFERING!” In the foreground of the illustration, an African-American couple — or anyway a dusky-skinned man and woman dressed in bland Western clothing — appeared to be rejoicing over full baskets of newly harvested vegetables. Against the bucolic background, a short distance behind them, a clearly depicted moose seemed to have wandered into this post-Raptural idyll.

I almost asked the clerk if this was his or if I could take it, but decided not to chance being evangelized right there in the checkout line. It was running in my mind though, so that once home, Tweeting about another matter in my other personality, I suggested that we might be seeing

Within minutes there was a retweet from an account name rich in randomly capitalized Z’s and C’s, the owner’s avatar — curiously embedded in a Union Jack background — displaying an African Jesus complete with little lamb, the entire account devoted to End Times aka Eschatology.

It’s down now. I guess someone figured out I was kidding.

I wonder if he could explain to me about the moose.


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