The Cat Prayer

Several posts back I conversed with Richard about the Cat Prayer.

Today I read this.

Mountain lion killed in downtown Santa Monica

Associated PressBy GREG RISLING | Associated Press

  • This image provided by the Santa Monica Police Department shows a mountain lion cornered Tuesday May 22, 2012 in Santa Monica, Calif. After efforts to tranquilize the animal failed, officers were forced to kill the animal to prevent it from escaping onto the streets. (AP Photo/Santa Monica Police Department)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police shot and killed a mountain lion that somehow made its way through an urban landscape before it was found early Tuesday in a downtown Santa Monica office building courtyard near an outdoor mall and a bluff-top park that offers tourists views of the ocean and the city’s famed pier.

God bless all pussycats and keep them safe and warm
Especially those who are in heaven.
Give them a safe path to the Rainbow Bridge
And if they had no human friend, help them to find one.

And today especially bless the young mountain kitty
Who needed no human to be his friend
In any way other than to share the planet with him.

Let him have a place where he can roam and live
As wild kitties were meant to do,
Tawny in the daylight,
Silent and soft-pawed in the night,

Free to play and hunt in woodlands where there are no guns,


11 thoughts on “The Cat Prayer

  1. They claim to have used a tranq gun but that is failed. Given all the incidents Ive been reading about of trigger happy cops killing family pets, I do not believe them.

  2. Look how threatening and scary and a threat to public safety that mountain lion appears to be, curled up like that. Some douchebag needed to play with his gun, I guess, and establish his manliness. I hope he takes his kids camping someday and the king of the mountain lions eats their faces while he watches.

    • It’s not really a poem, I guess. It’s what my late and ex husband used to pray whenever a cat was in a bad spot; a stark agnostic, he used to say that in the case of cats and animals generally, he chose to believe in a god and an afterlife because they deserved it. The first section is always the same and then the specific animal merits its specific prayer.

      He used to pick up squirrels that had been hit by cars and place the bodies in a nook under a bush where they could go back to the earth with some dignity or privacy, and wish them to a place he called Star Hospital, where everything would be fixed before they went to heaven. I think of him sometimes as an animals’ saint, watching over the spirits of creatures like that poor mountain lion.

      • I really like your ex, based solely on the good memories you share. I’m sure there were not-so-good ones too, but he seemed to be a unique personality. I’d like to go to the Star Hospital, too.

        • He was a good, wonderful man who seemed to believe he would be annihilated if he ever tried to function as an adult, and would do anything to avoid doing so, including lies and charades so complex that your jaw would drop. I would probably have had a mental breakdown if I’d been married to him for half a year longer than I was and a physical collapse if he’d lived half a year longer than he did. No one else ever loved me so completely because of who I actually am, and I doubt anyone ever will again. If there is a Star Hospital I know they were waiting for him there.

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