The Thingummy

After my last excursion to the pottery emporium I sat down and grimly confessed to myself that I am a huge pottery faggot. The first step is admitting you have a problem; the second step is to buy a proper cupboard for the stuff.

Fortuitously I had a belated Christmas check from a friend who over-estimates the various random favors I have done her and a catalogue informing me that The Perfect Cupboard, which I had been contemplating for a year or two, had just been marked down to half price, so now there is a perfectly proportioned piece of furniture in the corner of my dining room and this odd drogit, a part of the packaging designed to protect the cupboard’s feet and general under-ness, tucked away in my cellar.

After I had extruded the rest of the packaging — Styrofoam and corrugated cardboard corners and all the rest of it — this little dingus was just too elegant to discard; it looks as if it is longing to be made into something, perhaps a ladder for cats to climb to a perch, or a triple frame for yet-to-be-painted pictures, or – well WTF? What do you think I should do with it?


11 thoughts on “The Thingummy

  1. I once made a rope ladder for Herbie and our three other cats.
    Herbie died yesterday. His final climb.
    RIP. I never imagined I’d feel so gutted.

    • Oh, Richard, I’m so sorry.

      Yesterday I was reading a book in which the death of a woman’s cat was referred to as a “small domestic tragedy.” I nearly threw the book across the room. The earth cracks; they are part of our souls.

      I will say my household’s Cat Prayer for Herbie.

        • My late and ex composed it and used to recite it. This is how I said it.

          God bless all pussy cats and keep them safe and warm,
          Especially those who are in Heaven.
          Give them a safe path to he Rainbow Bridge
          And if they had no human friend in life
          Help them to find one.

          And especially today bless Herbie
          Who was a companion to human and cat alike,
          Give him catnip and cream
          and all the best places to run and sleep and chase,

  2. Picture frames with cat pictures in them.<
    And that prayer is sublime; I will print it for my daughters cats.

  3. Hm, two votes for frames.

    We always said that prayer for any cat who had passed or was ill or missing, with appropriate changes in the final lines to cover the situation. I still do, and I can always hear my late and ex saying it with me. I am glad that others want to keep it alive too.

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