Deep In The Heart Of Nibelheim

This is for the Wagner groupies who pass through here. If any of you, any of you, knew about this and didn’t tell me, cut a switch and wait for me in the woodshed. I mean it.

What it is, was my professor-of-German (emeritus) client was due for a tune-up on her artificial hip today, after a holiday in Florida. I hadn’t seen her since my excursion to the Met’s Gotterdammerung; I was pathetically eager to tell her all about it, but one only tells one’s own story to the clients if they ask to hear (they are, after all, trapped).

Well she had happened to drive by a newly refurbished local theater where a touring company was performing, and here is what she saw, which topped my Ring adventure, for novelty, at least.

I gather Hagen was gay, and carried a poodle. That’s pushing it a bit, but probably worse has been done at Bayreuth.


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