Flattery will get you everywhere with me — I am, after all, a person who chucks bloody great dumb-bells around and gauges the resulting effect on deltoids, triceps and what not — but I cannot help noticing that I am not a librarian. (Someone did once describe me in a long-ago photo as resembling a “depraved librarian,” though I am not sure which quality dominated.)

Hence I was a little startled to open my mail and find that a 2011 post had been nominated for something called the Fascinating Librarian Award. Supposedly a $25 restaurant gift card was involved. It sounded hinky and sure enough, oh how Google is your friend, another random blog threw the required light. Apparently all this fascination involves some online degree mill fascinated with the potential for driving traffic to their site by getting people all excited about posting the badge connected with these award thingies. My guess is that a ‘bot of some kind trolls for blogs and posts that vaguely answer the requirements. Bleh.

It figures. Usually when Mr. Spock said “Fascinating,” it involved something that anyone with a moiety of their marbles would want to run away from as fast as possible.


14 thoughts on “Fascinating

    • Actually, my favorite gourmet vegetarian restaurant features a $7.95 prix-fixe lunch; two people can share an appetizer, enjoy the lunch with some iced herb tea, and get out for about that. But bets the card wouldn’t take me there (probably some awful chain place like Olive Garden would offer it).

      A Thai place I adore down near Fort Belvoir (where I was born, incidentally) is just as economical and you have never inhaled such aromas, even before dipping your chopsticks. People in camo swarm there every day at noontime; I take my blindish friends from the nearby “senior” colony in as the military types retreat.

    • That’s pretty amazing … actually I can think of a few places in PDX where two people can dine for under $20, but they wouldn’t necessarily be filled up. Or, you know, alive for long afterward.

  1. Once again, your tag ‘life is dumb’ is the most appropriate tag ever. I had a HUGE, clever spam in my neglected Hotmail inbox today, I realiy thought about posting it on the blog but I’d get sooo many spambots it wasn’t worth it.

    I’m sure that I’m not alone in finding your posts fascinating in a non-Spockian manner.

    • Awww, thanks.

      “Life Is Dumb” was the observation of a past beau (the disclaimer does state that I had an interesting past) who had certified as a teacher of high school German, been hired as an English teacher by a military academy, and ultimately lured by a rather appalling neo-Nazi organization (cue “we must go our separate ways” dialogue). He was the best proof of his own aphorism, which was the most worthwhile relic of the relationship. Well hung, and splendidly chiseled in the Arno Breker style, but unacceptably rigid. Psychologically.

  2. I recently was declared a winner of 800 000 pounds from, most likely, the same lottery; I did not send back the info they required to pay my prize. Too bad, that is over a million Canadian dollars. Spock would have approved, with or without underwear.
    Paul Costopoulos

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