Eat your Heart Out, Blogthings

Still perseverating on the Ring Cycle. Here is your quiz for today, courtesy of the Metropolitan Opera website. You get to find your leitmotif.

I got “Sword.” Anyone surprised?


10 thoughts on “Eat your Heart Out, Blogthings

  1. I realize I neglected to add the small print, which is an idiosyncratic take on the motif:

    “Everyone – including you – is always aware of your presence and your powerful, if inexplicable, charisma. But don’t let it go to your head. Ever watch competitive reality shows? The most radiant characters are the ones that are picked off first, just as tall trees are the first to fall in a storm. Siegfried learned this lesson the hard way in the Ring: listen to this heroic motif and ponder his eventual fate! ”

    Oh, great, just what I need — a warning to conquerors. Inexplicable?

  2. Another Erda…

    You can’t imagine why some people find you murky and lugubrious – you think of yourself as realistic and earthy! And is it your fault that your powers of perception are so profound that you sometimes spook people? Your personality is reflected at key moments in the Ring, when Erda the Earth Mother ascends to the stage accompanied by this evocative motif.

  3. Siegfried Hero

    You’re always closing the deal, hitting the grand slam, fist pumping and crying out “booh-yah!” over your latest triumph – real or imagined. Siegfried, the hero of the Ring, was like you except that he was too stupid to know that people would resent him (and resentment, he would discover, really can kill). Enjoy his most heroic motif.

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