I am enchanted by hedgehogs, even though I have never really gotten close to a live one (I have two hydra-stone Tiggies that guard my front and back doors, advertised as shoe-brushes but here simply welcomed as mascots).

Wee Rascal (I am indebted to Azahar for his edifying acquaintance) occasionally uploads a Tiggy picture for me. And it was Az with whom I was corresponding when a matter of English-Spanish translation made me hunt for a bit of cleverness by the sublime Robert Graves, and incidentally discover this unsuspected distinction of the hedgehog race:

Protracted and painful researches
By Darwin and Huxley and Ball
Have conclusively proved that the hedgehog
Can never be buggered at all.
And further protracted researches
Have still more conclusively shown
That comparative safety in Keble
Is enjoyed by the hedgehog alone.

“Apparently the Huxley was T.H., and Darwin was more probably Haldane or Hargreaves, but nobody had the slightest idea who Hall (Ball?) was. That is, everyone had a different guess. Some proposed Harvard rather than Keble for the location, but it turns out that the poem surfaced just after a notable scandal hit Keble in 1913.”

There’s a good deal more at the link (you wouldn’t believe what camels are accused of). Me, I’ll never look at my garden sculptures the same way again.


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